The annual National Championship "NON-OLYMPIC CLASSES JUNIORS" 2015 has finished.  On the third and final racing day under fantastic sailing conditions and wind speed between 10 and 12 meters per second, the two final races have been conducted.  The fantastic performance by the young sailrs have rewarded us with spectacular addrenaline filled moments and after many shofts they have formed the final results.  Under heavy competition, the racers from Yacht-Club "Port Bourgas" have done everything... Прочети още...
The second racing day of the ongoing National chanpionship for non-olympic classes in Pomorie has been completed.  Three races have been conducted for all classes. Results and standings can be found : HERE   
The first racing day of the annual National Championship for non-olympic classes has finished. The champonship is taking place in the city of Pomorie and the event is hosted by OMCK "Cyclon-Pomorie"  All domestic sailing clubs are participating in the championship as the count of the youngest racers in class "Optimist" is 89. The count of the participant in the rest of the classes is as follows :  class  "Laser 4.7" - 24 ; class "420" - 11  and class "Cadet" - 5  Three races were conducted for... Прочети още...
Between 30th July and 2nd August 2015 the National Championship for non-olympic classes Boys and Girls Junior will take place.  The classess on which the young sailors will compete will be  : "Optimist", "Laser 4.7", "420" и "Cadet".  Medical exam, meassurment testimony or declaration of conformity with the class rules and insurance valid for the regatta time period,  have to be submitted at the race office untill 18:00 on 30.07.15 or 10:00 am on 31.07.15 Yacht-Club "Port Bourgas" will... Прочети още...
The "National Team Championship OPTIMIST - Team Racing 2015" has finished.  OMK "Nessebar 2000' have emerged victorious. Congratulations for the Winners ! Final results : 
The first start from the annual "National Team Championship OPTIMIST - Team Racing 2015" has been given today. The event is organised by the "Bulgarian Sailing Federation" and will be conducted at the bay of the city of Tzarevo within the two weekend days.  10 domestic sailing clubs have registered for participation and are listed below as follows :  OMCK "Cyclon Pomorie"  ОМК "Primorsko" YC "Captain G.Georgiev - Port Varna" - 2 teams SC "Cherno More Bris Varna"  YC "Chernomoretz Burgas" -  2... Прочети още...
Between 9th and 12th July 2015 has been conducted the 40th annual regatta "Port Varna" organised by Yacht Club"Captain G.Georgierv - Port Varna" 33 Yachts from 10 domestic yacht clubs have participated In the eanniversary eddition of the Regatta. Junior racers from the club organiser have been included in the crews for the first time.   Final standings  :  Class "Non-Restricted 1" up to 9 meters hull lenght : Winner "Phoenix Fishland" skipper Valentin Nikolov - Yacht-Club "Chernomoretz" Burgas... Прочети още...
At 17:30 on 12.7.2015 echoed the last horn of the annual regatta "Saint Marina" that has been conducted between 10th and 12th of July 2015. In the last day udner perfect sailing conditions the last two races have been completed reaching the planed ammount of seven races.  At wind speed between 5 - 7 m/sec all sailors have reveiled their full capacity and after two outstanding races the final standings were formed.    For Yacht Club "Port Bourgas" on the podium Lyuben Tenekedjiev 1st Place calss... Прочети още...
Day 2 - The nature has not missed her chance to surprise everyone as after 40 minutes in the first race for the day the windspeed has dropped to 1 m/sec. The race for class "Optimist" has been shortened and for class "Laser 4.7" has been dirrectly abandoned. At 1300 the race day has been restarted and two more races have been conducted at avarage wind speed of 6 m/sek Outstanding sailing day with many emotional and beautifull moments. Standings :  
09.07.15 - 12.07.15 Regatta Saint Marina Sozopol 2015 will be conducted. The racing claccess that will particeipate are "Optimist" and "Laser 4.7"  As real sailors, the team of Yacht Club "Port Bourgas" have chosen to make the trip to the bay of Sozopol by sea instead of hitting the road and sailed off to Sozopol at 7:30 am . Good luck to all sailiors! We are impatiently looking forward to the first start!