Review - Regatta "Saint Marina" Sozopol 2015

At 17:30 on 12.7.2015 echoed the last horn of the annual regatta "Saint Marina" that has been conducted between 10th and 12th of July 2015.

In the last day udner perfect sailing conditions the last two races have been completed reaching the planed ammount of seven races. 

At wind speed between 5 - 7 m/sec all sailors have reveiled their full capacity and after two outstanding races the final standings were formed. 


For Yacht Club "Port Bourgas" on the podium Lyuben Tenekedjiev 1st Place calss "Laser 4.7", Klement Sarastov 3rd place "Optimist" general and 3rd place "Optimist" seniour and Neda Karaulanova 3rd place "Optimist" girls junior.

Right after the end of the second race, under the last sun rays of the sunset and with tailwind in the sails most of the team from Yacht Club "Port Bourgas"  have sailed home.


We are greatfull to all our boys and girls for their success, to all oponents for the clean races and ofcourse to the hosts of the event,  jury and coach staff for the outstanding regatta that has brough many emotions and beautifull sailing moments to us all.