"Тройна победа" за младите таланти на Бургас!!!

Тройна победа в клас Лазер реализираха младите таланти на Яхт Клуб "Порт Бургас" на провелата се ежегодна регата Циклон между 15-17ти Юни 2018 домакин на която е ОМСК Циклон - Поморие.
Станислава Тодорова, Димитър Шангов и Любен Тенекеджиев грабнаха златото при "Лазеристите" 

Regatta "Port Varna" 2016

In the early morning today, our young competitors, led by Ivan Vasilеv have deprtured for the city of Varna, where the annual regatta "Port Varna" 2016 will take place, hosted by Yacht Club " Capt. G.Georgiev Port Varna"

The venue will take place between 11th and 14th August in the bay of Varna. 

Yacht Club "Port Bourgas" will participate with seven sailors in class "Optimist" and one in class "Laser 4.7" as follows: 

Review - Regatta "Saint Marina" Sozopol 2015

At 17:30 on 12.7.2015 echoed the last horn of the annual regatta "Saint Marina" that has been conducted between 10th and 12th of July 2015.

In the last day udner perfect sailing conditions the last two races have been completed reaching the planed ammount of seven races. 

At wind speed between 5 - 7 m/sec all sailors have reveiled their full capacity and after two outstanding races the final standings were formed. 


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