Sailing School 2023

Yacht club "Port Bourgas" has a sailing school for kids of age between 7 and 13 years. Our goal is to awake the love to the sea among the youngsters and to establish long term sailing traditions at our seaside city

Aims of the sailing schlool :

- To engage kids`s spare tiem with sport and fun

- To acquire the basic safety skills within and near sea

- To educate what are the basic sailboat parts and their usage 

- To lean how to arm and disarm sailboat equipment

- To obtain skills to sail a boat unassisted within the Burgas bay

- To obtain basic knowage for weather and meteorology

- to learn some of the basic sailing knots 

- step by step by step to build permanet sailing skills within our students 


Everyone who would like to sign in  sailing school can contact our Coach dirrectly on (+359) 888 560 956 or visit the club.